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Project Description
Wpf Bits and Pieces is a mini application showing some of the more intricate ins and outs of WPF and other technologies.

Getting a little application together for the first time with WPF or any technology for that matter, can be tedious to say the least.

I feel its time I start giving back a little, so I have started this project to share, some of my experiences, and maybe some nice little tips that I have picked up along the way.

To start with, we will have to get an application host going. - Getting started

Created application host - Done (partially, will add features as we go)

Some of the technologies used are listed below....
WPF Framework
.Unity application block

Base application is in place.
Unity is implemented. Configuration file is in place

Some of the techniques we will be using is my understanding of MVVM and MVC.

So hold on to your hats and procedd to getting started.

Inspirational characters
Rudi Grobler - WPF Themes - Some really cool themes for your site, thanks Rudi.

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